About Me

Growing up, I was fascinated with the world of computers and the internet. I had my first taste of the online world through Compuserve dial-up, and it sparked a love for all things tech. In many ways, Compuserve holds a special place in my heart. Even today, I still use Compuserve for all of my naming conventions as a nod to my roots in the tech world hence the name of this site.  Over the years, I made the switch to AOL and expanded my knowledge of networking and computer tinkering. These experiences have given me a solid foundation in the digital space and a thirst for continuous learning. I am grateful for the opportunities that technology has provided me, and I am eager to see what the future holds.

Throughout my journey with technology, I have been both self-taught and professionally trained. I honed my skills as an Easy Tech at Staples, where I gained valuable hands-on experience with various computer systems. This knowledge, combined with my passion for technology, led me to an opportunity with an internet service provider on Long Island. As a Network Operations Analyst on a major power supply project, I was able to put my skills to the test and contribute to the success of the project. My dedication and hard work paid off when I was offered a full-time position after the project was completed. 

While I had found success in the technology industry, the uncertain times at my job with the internet service provider led me to switch gears and explore new opportunities. That's when I got involved with power wheelchairs and discovered a passion for programming and repairing them. Starting as an assistant to the New York Metro Sales Representative, I quickly rose through the ranks and was promoted to a Sales Representative for my own territory. 

After leaving Long Island, I moved to Albany with my fiancé Kristine and my dog Daisy to start this exciting new chapter in my life. With my technical background and sales experience, I am confident in my ability to excel in this new field and continue to grow professionally.