-Surfboard cable modem 500/35 service

-TP link Omada security gateway

-16 port keystone patch panel

-TP link smart switch TL-SG1016DE (manages one vlan for office devices, 2nd floor Netgear AP and IoT)

-2 netgear WAX214 business AP 1st/2nd floor

-WD My cloud 4tb running file server, backup images of 2 machines

-HP ELITE MINI g3 running proxmox, 4 containers 1 VM

-Thinkcentre running proxmox 4 containers, 3cx session border controller, Wyze Bridge in docker container, Uptime Kuma, Plex Server.

Containers- Adguard, Homebridge, Cloudflare, SSL cert generator

VM- windows 10 pro 3CX session border controller (provisions phones remotely with ease)

-3CX cloud hosted phone system

-Grandstream HT801 analog phone gateway

-Cortelco red analog phone -2 polycom VVX 411 on 3cx cloud hosted (2nd floor office, 1st floor)